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Click the links below to listen to the 2022-2023 weekly Lord Byng Secondary School Newsletters (in English)

School News 2023 .May 12 Grade 8,Ema Sun
School News 2023.Apr 28th G8 Joanne
School News 2023 Apr. 14 G10 Emily Liu
School news 2023.Apr 06 G10 Sophia
School News 2022. Mar.31 G9 Nicholas
School news 2023. Mar 10th G11 Lisa Dai
School news 2023. Mar .03 G11 Madelyn
School News 2023. Feb 24 G9 Thomas Tan
School news 2023. Feb 17 G11 Lisa Dai
School news 2023 Feb 10th G9 Johnson
School news 2023 Feb 03 G9 Rebecca Cai
School news 2023 Jan 27 . G8 Jason Xie
School News 2023.01.20 G8 Kelly
School News 2023.Jan.13 G9 Nicholas
School News 2023.Jan .06 G9 Samuel Chong
School News 2022.Dec.16 G8 Ema
School News 2022.Dec.09 G9 Mia
School News 2022. Dec. 02 G8 Joanne Shou
School news 2022.Nov .25 G10 Emily Liu
School news 2022. Nov.18 G10 Sophia Song
School news 2022.Nov.10 G8 Alice Wang
School news 2022.Nov.04 G9 Thomas Tan
School news 2022.Oct.28 G11 Lisa Dai
School news 2022.Oct.21 G11 Elsa You
School news 2022.Oct.14 G11 Lisa Dai
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