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Join the Byng Arts Parents Group!

Parents and Guardians of current Byng Arts students are invited to join the Byng Arts Parents Group. The goal of the group is to create community among BA families. Please add your contact information using this Google Form. We also invite you to join the BA WhatsApp groups using the links at the bottom of this page. Please email  byngartsparents(at) if you have any questions.

The email list and WhatsApp groups (links below) are a great way to stay up to date on Byng Arts events and activities and also to meet other Byng Arts families. You may even figure out carpooling options!

Byng Arts Program Restructuring - February 2024

On Feb 7, 2024, Byng admin announced that starting in September 2024, the following four Byng Arts classes would no longer be offered: BA English 10, BA Socials 10, BA English 11, and BA English 12. These cuts would result in a 50% reduction of BA cohort classes. After input from teachers, students, and parents, BA English 10 was reinstated. Admin has also committed to creating a BA-enriched version of Career Life Education 10, Career Life Connections 11, and Capstone 12 (these are currently all off-timetable courses). There are currently no details on how CLE/CLL/Capstone will run. 


Although many of us were very disappointed that we were not able to pause all of the course changes, the parent group would like thank the BA community for their engagement and feedback and will now turn our energies to helping the program thrive. The infographic on this page was created by a BA parent using data from BA staff.

If you want to read the play-by-play of how the cuts were announced and the gory details of the massive parent response, we've moved that info here

Byng Arts by the Numbers - Infographic-mar6.png

Ways to stay connected

Instagram: Byng.Arts.Parents



WhatsApp - please join the "All Parents" and the subgroup you belong to

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