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Each year Lord Byng provides a wide variety of educational and extracurricular experiences for our students.  As a parent community, we work closely with the school to support these endeavours through our fundraising campaign.

The Byng PAC has launched our annual fundraising campaign and we need your help! In 2022 your generous support of over $75,000 helped to fund a new science lab, equipment for the fitness room, auditorium, animation lab, metal work, music room, photography, and the counselling department as well as operational funding for numerous student clubs and grad. Every dollar raised last year was spent and nearly every student benefits from these investments.

This year (2023-2024), our funding requests exceed $50,000 and will support many important projects including:


  • Welcome Figure Pole Raising - supports Reconciliation through Indigenous Teaching and Learning;

  • Outdoor Learning Space – engages students through "hands on and minds on" learning;

  • Cultural Bridging Program - supports our anti-racism school strategy; includes Grade 8 camp activities, Black History Month, and Multicultural Day

  • New equipment and furniture for the Multi-purpose learning space; 

  • Lord Byng Resiliency Program - supports social and emotional learning; outdoor education and community-based learning opportunities

  • Program support for numerous clubs including Math, Debate, Robotics, Model UN, and many others.

  • Funding to support the counselling department, sexual health program and a new youth at risk program.

We are asking families who are able, to please consider making a $125 donation through the school cash online link below. All donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt. Your donations make an incredible difference by providing additional equipment and resources that enhance your child’s learning experience. Most funding requests are made by teachers who also volunteer a significant amount of their time to support these and other very worthwhile programs and initiatives at the school.

All donations must be made through school cash on-line to receive a tax receipt. Please visit SchoolCashOnline to donate.  In the "Message" field under the section "Message to School Board", enter “LORD BYNG PAC”. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to


Thank you in advance for your support!


Lord Byng PAC

尊敬的 Lord Byng 学生家长和监护人,

每年 Lord Byng 都会为我们的学生提供各种各样的教育和课外活动。作为家长社区,我们与学校密切合作,通过筹款活动支持这些努力。

今天,Byng PAC 正式启动我们的年度筹款活动,我们需要您的帮助!去年,家长们提供了超过 75,000 加元的慷慨支持,资助新建了一个新的科学实验室、并为健身房、礼堂、动画实验室、金工车间、音乐教室、摄影组和辅导员部门更新了设备,以及为众多学生俱乐部和毕业生提供了运营资金。去年筹集的每一元钱都用在了学生们身上,几乎每个学生都从中受益。

Further translation to come!

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