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The Byng PAC has launched our annual fundraising campaign and we need your help! We are asking families who are able, to please consider making a $150 donation through the school cash online link below. In 2022 your generous support of over $40,000 helped to fund a new science lab, equipment for the fitness room, auditorium, animation lab, metal work, music room, photography, and the counselling department as well as operational funding for numerous student clubs and grad. Every dollar raised last year was spent and nearly every student benefits from these investments.

This year (2023-2024), our funding requests exceed $100,000 and will support many important projects including:

  • Cardio equipment for the Fitness Centre

  • Important equipment for the metal workshop, photography, and foods.

  • Program support for numerous clubs including Science, Math, Debate, Robotics, Model UN, and many others

  • Support for Byng’s ongoing partnership with our Indigenous community to align with BC’s expanded Indigenous education scope; 

  • Creating a new outdoor learning space to help with classroom capacity

  • Funding to support Byng youth at risk program; Anti-racism, inclusion and diversity initiatives.

We are asking families who are able, to please consider making a $150 donation through the school cash online link below. All donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt. Your donations make an incredible difference by providing additional equipment and resources that enhance your child’s learning experience. Most funding requests are made by teachers who also volunteer a significant amount of their time to support these and other very worthwhile programs and initiatives at the school.

All donations must be made through school cash on-line to receive a tax receipt. Please visit SchoolCashOnline to donate.  In the "Message" field under the section "Message to School Board", enter “LORD BYNG PAC”. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to


Thank you in advance for your support!


Lord Byng PAC

亲爱的罗宾学生家长和监护人,我们请求有能力的家庭考虑通过下面的学校现金在线链接捐赠 150 美元。最终捐赠金额是由您自己决定的,所有超过 20 美元的捐赠都有资格获得税单。


非常遗憾,去年我们无法资助我们收到的所有令人惊叹的请求。今年,我们的资金请求超过 100,000 美元,将支持许多重要项目,包括:

·      健身中心的有氧运动设备——地震升级后,健身房里的几乎所有设备都必须更换。数百名学生在校期间和放学后使用这个空间。

·      金工车间、摄影、食品课程所需的重要设备。

·      为众多俱乐部提供项目支持,包括科学、数学、辩论、机器人、模拟联合国等。

·      支持 Byng 与我们原住民社区的持续合作伙伴关系,以配合 BC 扩大的原住民教育范围。

·      创建一个新的户外学习空间以帮助提高课堂容量。

·      资金支持 Byng 面临风险的青少年计划。

·      支持反种族主义、包容性和多样性倡议。


我们的家长社区在过去 3 年里筹集了惊人的 125,000 美元。 Byng学生从这些资金中受益匪浅,包括新的科学实验室、新的多功能技术空间、动画实验室的计算机、新的举重室设备、合唱立台、戏剧制作和音乐演奏会所需的礼堂设备、对咨询部门和处于危险中的青少年的支持,金工车间、食品和摄影课程所需工具、土著倡议以及许多许多俱乐部。向 Byng 捐款是对我们学校社区的一项令人难以置信的投资。

请点击SCHOOL CASH ONLINE进行应税捐款。如果您有任何疑问,请随时联系





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