PAC Funds: Sources and Allocation


1.) Provincial Government Gaming Grant

  • Calculated based on student enrolment

  • Must be spent according to the strict set of rules as stated in the Community Gaming Grants program guidelines - cannot be spent on curriculum teaching items such as textbooks, classroom equipment, etc.

    • "PAC grant funding is intended to benefit students by enhancing their extracurricular opportunities"

  • For approved usage, see section 7.4 of the Community Gaming Grants program guidelines

- section 7.6: prohibited use of funds 

2.) Fundraising and/or direct donations from parents

  • There are no restrictions on usage of these funds


Each year, Lord Byng PAC funds numerous teacher and student initiatives and activities throughout the school following our Wish List process. Criteria that influence the allocation of funding include the following:


  • Is the request for PAC funds valid / important to the school?

  • How many students will benefit?

  • Are alternative sources of financing available (e.g., school, VSB, student council)?

  • How much funding has this activity or group already received in prior years?

Examples of initiatives and activities funded in the past include Athletics, Drama, Music, Safe Teen workshops, Math contests, student clubs and more!